A risk evaluation approach. A subjective process of identifying risks, assessing the likelihood that they will occur and estimating the impact if they do occur. Although self assessment can be applied to any risk, it is primarily applied to operations risk - especially for the quantification of operations risk under Basel II guidelines. Self assessment is a major element in COSO.
See Basel II, COSO and operations risk. American Banker Glossary

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self-assessment self-assessment assessment

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self-assessment UK US /ˌselfəˈsesmənt/ noun
[U] TAX a system for people to calculate for themselves how much income tax to pay: »

New guidelines are being published for self-assessment this tax year.


Make sure that you have submitted your self-assessment tax return by 31 January.

[C or U] HR, WORKPLACE a judgment made by an employee about their own work, abilities, etc., or the process of doing this: »

Despite these achievements, she was humble in her self-assessment.


Managers are regularly asked to carry out self-assessment exercises.

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